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A look back: our Stars cover for 2001

10 Sep


A highlight of each December issue is SLJ‘s Best Books, a select list chosen by our review staff from the titles published that year. But there’s another issue to decide: the illustrator for the December cover. Other than having to work within a basic theme of stars, the artist is pretty much given free rein as to the interpretation. Betsy Lewin got the assignment in 2001. 


Mordicai Gerstein, a Caldecott award winner for The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (pictured below) did the cover illustration in 2003






September cover – sneak peek

26 Aug


You can’t make this stuff up.

28 Jul


Funny guy, our building management. It’s official signage, I suppose, replacing this.

Makes me think of the Captain Underpants routine, where the boys mix up the letters to create some silly retort. Hmm, what could we say… Any ideas?

Sneak peek at our August cover

22 Jul


Yup, everyone needs an editor.

20 Jul


A legit version of our July cover. We’re really happy with the illustration.

24 Jun


July cover sneak peek

23 Jun


Inside: Top graphic novels; Betsy Bird’s Bologna report; Margaret Tice on Radical Change (in public libraries, imagine!); ‘Focus On’ Intergalactic Travel; Scales on Censorship; a pen that talks back, as well as our reviews for the month: books, multimedia, digital resources, Spanish titles, graphic novels. Did we mention our new review blog on kids book apps?